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Snap Shot 8

Snapshot converts electronic files into durable TIFF images and imports them into your Laserfiche repository. From Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets to PDF files and CAD maps, Snapshot makes it easy to securely archive all your electronic documents.

As Easy as Printing

Simply open the electronic document you want to archive and select Snapshot as the printer. Click Print. Snapshot creates the TIFF images and automatically imports them into Laserfiche, where they're stored alongside your scanned paper documents.

When you convert an electronic document into a TIFF image, Snapshot presents you with a variety of print-related options, so you can specify the images page orientation, resolution and color depth. You can also choose to affix text annotations or Bates numbers to each image.

Snapshot provides similar control over indexing and storage. In addition to naming your TIFF image, you can select the folder where it will be stored, assign metadata and security tags, and extract searchable text or perform OCR processing.

Snapshot Highlights

>> Capture high-quality color, grayscale and black and white archival images of electronic documents.

>> Eliminate printing and scanning from document capture process.

>> Streamline filing processes by determining template field values before documents are stored in the repository.

>> Maintain long-term access to electronic files using the industry-standard TIFF Group IV storage format.

>> Provide electronic document capture capabilities to work groups and departments as easily as sharing a network printer.